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The goal of Leap Marketing LLC is to combine search engine marketing with hard work and compassion to figuratively bridge the gap between your brand and the world. We believe awareness for a cause, altruistic service and ethical businesses is love, and the world deserves to hear your voice!

Want to get inside my head? I’m a big dreamer, a hard worker and I have a passion for helping people. With these qualities, I decided, why not put them all to use and use my skills and talents toward something I’m passionate about and help people in a very real and practical way. Thus, came Leap Marketing and the dreams that follow.

In my spare time though, I enjoy anything music related. I’m a big fan of music, and I won’t pretend to be a big guru on indie rock and I can’t tell you all the instruments the Beatles play, but I do love pop culture, pop music, country, reggae, dance and anything with a memorable chorus and melody. Yes, I love what tends to be popular! But I take heart knowing that there’s something special in figuring out what it is about something that becomes pop culture. What is it about something that connects so many people together for it to then become universal? Hmmmm.

I also enjoy things in quiet and reflection and introspection, tickling the fancy of my inner worlds, ha. So for that I’ve always fancied spirituality and religion. Some of the practices to I will divulge are my affinities to yoga here and there, meditation and prayer often, and enjoying a serene-nature environment, like the beach or even a camping trip. Lately, I’ve really enjoyed a book by the name of Zealout by the astounding Reza Aslan!

My beliefs? I like to read, and learn about religions and incorporate religious and spiritual principles into my life. Not to sound cliche, but I am a spiritual person. For me, spirituality is very real and more touching than what we can actual touch with our physical senses. Understanding the bigger picture and piecing together the puzzle and mystery of life is something I’m enthusiastic about. There’s always a subtext, a story that’s about to unfold and be told. Will you be the author of your life, or follow along?

Philanthropy? I enjoy volunteering and advocating for marginalized communities. I give my time and emotion to others when I have enough to give. I specifically advocate for causes related to anti-bullying and started a non-profit chapter for anti bullying while I lived in Orlando, FL. I worked with local public schools to raise awareness through various programs and facilitating clubs on campus to create events and solutions. Young people should be allowed to grow and be nourished for who they truly are at a young age. To be quite honest, I enjoy the company of people that society usually discards, the lost ones, the wanderers. True beauty in the face of defeat, challenges, strife, hardships and eventually perserverance, acceptance, triumph and redemption.

Overall? This might sound serious, but more than anything I love to have fun (and I wish everyone could find it in them to be laid back and not worry). Thebeliefs and principles I live by and the lessons I’ve learned help me to learn, love, forgive, and enjoy life to the fullest!

  • Kevin Clarke, 32, Leap Marketing CEO with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Media from the University of Central Florida and 10 years of search engine marketing experience