Facebook is slowly becoming a heated competitor with Google in the battle to conquer how we search and scour the web. Information seeking will always be a part of the human experience, and with the growth of social networks and technology, being able to sift and sort through the billions of memes, data and information to help users find the “gold mine” of quality content, is a “gold mine” endeavor in itself.

Social search and Google+: An unfortunate attempt

Google attempted social search with its Google+ network, but admittedly, failed somewhat miserably with its implementation. Google tried to build a social network onto its mammoth search engine network. However, this is not how users use Google. Users are familiar with accessing Google and instantaenously finding information. Users do not idle on the Google network, and this is a fact that Google was hoping to change with the indelible oversatuation of Social networks encroaching on its territory of taking users time.

Leveraging opportunity

On the other hand, Facebook was in prime position to leverage the opportunity of having a vast billion user network that shares the most important data and information, things that people are actually talking about. This gives Facebook the opportunity to index its own user shared content, and allow other Facebook users to search through this high volume index, vetted by what other Facebook users are talking about and find the most compelling pieces of content.

The one con and the opportunity to grow

The one con, what makes Google so great when it first started out, is that social search leaves out the singular, more rare and often, best quality content that is not in sync with what the masses discuss. This is where Google’s masterful crawling and indexing system that gives favor to rich and in-depth content, and is not linked to by the masses, shines. However, once Facebook begins to tweak and perfect it’s own indexing system, I imagine they will encroach even further on Google’s territory and give rise to an increasingly powerful and intricate social search.

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